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Many people are beginning to realize that they are not eating enough fruits and vegetables daily. Fresh Juices and Smoothies are 2 of the easiest ways to add more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet.

People often ask should I juice or should I blend my fruits and veggies. My answer is, do both. They both have great benefits… **BUT, you need to be careful when juicing and I will go into detail about why later on.

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Lets break down the differences between juicing and blending;

Some of the benefits of blending are that the fibers of the fruits and vegetables are left inside of the smoothie making it thicker and a lot more filling. Depending on ingredients can help improve energy and can assist with weightless.  A smoothie can be great as a meal replacement. You can easily add energy boosters and superfoods (such as maca, goji berries, etc.). Something I like to blend into my smoothies for breakfast is uncooked organic oats. One of our favorite smoothies is pineapple spinach mango banana  with coconut water.

Some of the benefits of juicing are,  you are able to drink a ton of nutrients in one 12 oz cup of juice. When you juice, you are extracting the nutrients of what ever vegetable or fruit you choose. So you are basically getting concentrated nutrients. When you juice, the fibers are separated from the juice, making it easier for your body to absorb the nutrition of the vegetables and fruits fast. Juicing the right vegetables and fruits can alkalize your blood quicker than blending. It is well-known that cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment.

**When juicing a lot of people tend to juice all sweet fruits. While once a day this can’t hurt. Just be conscious of the amount of sweet fruit you use. **

So both juicing and blending are great ways to add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet. Smoothies are great for quick on the go meal replacements. Juices are great for flooding your body with nutrients.

Hope this helps out.

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Stop Drinking Unneeded Calories


So often we just eat or drink with out even noticing what we are putting into our bodies.

Above is a picture of 3 popular drinks. The beverage was removed and the amount of sugar in each drink was put back in.

Now ask your self would I REALLY drink all that sugar???

I decided to write this because I was so surprised by the actual amounts.

My main goal is to just raise the awareness of these issues that we face daily.

We always recommend fresh juice, fresh smoothie or drinking water when eating out. These amounts of highly processed sugar are unnecessary .

The Salad Man & Juice Bar food truck out of Rhode Island is focused on providing healthy and nutritious food that tastes amazing.